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Main features of large inclination belt conveyor:

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-18
Main features of large inclination belt conveyor: Main features: 1. The use of patterned conveyor belt or deep groove belt conveyor can realize material transportation with a lifting angle of 16°-32°, which is comparable to other forms of large inclination belt conveyors. In comparison, the structure is simple and the operation is reliable. 2. belt with corrugated sidewalls: the use of a special structure conveyor belt, specially designed for conveying materials at a large inclination angle, the lifting angle can reach 90°, the operation is stable and reliable, the noise is small, and the energy consumption is small. 3. The corrugated sidewall belt conveyor is a special belt conveyor that can convey large inclination or even lift bulk materials vertically. Its structure is basically similar to that of a general-purpose belt conveyor. The main difference is the use of a special corrugated belt conveyor. 4. The corrugated sidewall conveyor belt is a general conveyor belt (fabric core belt or steel rope core belt) glued with different heights of bendable and retractable S-shaped or W-shaped rubber corrugated sidewalls at the same time. The base belt between the ribs is glued with a transverse partition at a certain interval to facilitate the shipment of materials. 5. The cross section of the transverse partition can be T-shaped/C-shaped or TC-shaped. 6. The inclination angle of the conveyor can vary between 0°-90°, and the conveyor line is usually arranged in a Z-shape, L-shape, C-shape or straight-line shape. The fully loaded and unloaded rollers of the conveyor are both flat rollers. Using the back pressure wheel to press the two sides of the conveyor belt, the conveyor line can be quickly changed from horizontal to inclined (or vice versa). Like the patterned belt conveyor, it is also very important to remove the material adhering to the corrugated sidewall belt. difficult. Generally, a rapping wheel or rapping device is used to make the loading conveyor belt vibrate up and down to remove sticky materials. 7. This kind of conveyor can realize large inclination conveying, which can reduce land occupation. Compared with bucket elevators, it has large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, and is easy to maintain. Therefore, it has been widely used in mines, large open-pit mines, power plants, cement plants, ports, etc.
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