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Logistics screw conveyor is an indispensable conveying equipment for e-commerce warehousing and logistics companies

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-15
Logistics screw conveyors are widely used in e-commerce warehousing. With the development of e-commerce, third-party warehousing and logistics companies specializing in e-commerce services have emerged. For example, Wuzhou Online, Fanet, Best Logistics, etc., have solved some of the e-commerce warehousing and logistics bottlenecks and have grown rapidly. However, due to the unexpected rapid development, there are also problems such as the lack of operation and project personnel. On the whole, The current development of third-party e-commerce warehousing services has entered a transitional period, requiring scale upgrades and service upgrades. The emergence of logistics screw conveyors has qualitatively improved the work efficiency of logistics. The following mechanical editor will explain the advantages of logistics screw conveyors: 1. Compact structure, small footprint, and effective use of plant space. 2. The control is simple, the production process is simplified, and the production efficiency is improved. 3. The overall structure, high reliability, simple debugging and low maintenance cost. 4. It can be suitable for lifting or lowering transportation in a small space, saving space, easy maintenance, and long life. It can be used with the functions of temporary storage, cooling or continuous transportation up and down during the production process, and entry and exit of the warehouse storage system. Material of logistics screw conveyor body: carbon steel, stainless steel. The loading conveyor belt of this equipment can use plastic (stainless steel) chain plates, belts, and unpowered rollers (only downward). Logistics screw conveyors are indispensable conveying equipment for e-commerce warehousing and logistics companies. Only pay more attention to the input of the equipment system, improve the quality of services to seek differentiated development, and improve work efficiency through highly automated conveying equipment and customized systems. At the same time, the standardized operation process was developed to complete the transformation ahead of schedule.
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