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Line: conveyor and UR + solution

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-23
Belt line, conveyor has now become a certified UR + solution, can simplify the integration of robot and conveyor, suitable for all kinds of automation applications. Easy programming, quick setup and flexible deployment make conveyor series robot also need to feed and discharge system an ideal choice. With Universal Robots cooperative development software, allows users to use the Universal Robot controller control 2200 series conveyor. After customers buy UR robot and 2200 series conveyor, they simply download UR plug-in, which makes the conveyor integration easier to setup, configuration and control. Once installed the program, conveyor belt can be added to the control program, and the user to be able to start, stop, speed reference and status information needed for the input and output for programming. Dorner URCap specially designed for CB series and e series controller. Inverter frequency converter should be used programming operation instruction manual. Will be provided with a robot, robot programming manual is also available in the Universal Robots website WWW. 普遍的, 机器人。 Com. 2200 series of high-performance thin fabric and modular belt conveyor is very suitable for assembly and packaging applications, with high-speed front bar transfer option, durable piece type frame design, general T slot and a variety of belt and selection guide. Get UR + Solution certification 2200 series conveyor products compatible with the following general robot: UR3 robot: 3 kg payload UR5 robot: 5 kgur10 payload robot: 10 kge series general robot payload robot
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