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Line: considerations for assembly line equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-28
One or a few fixed production assembly line products, Parts) , its production process is continuous; Assembly line each working are listed according to the product process. Each work only fixed to complete one or a small number of working procedure, the specialization degree is higher; Pipeline shall be carried out in accordance with the unified beat production ( So-called beat, is assembly line production before and after the time interval between two pieces of the same products) ; Assembly line work production capacity is balanced, proportional, each working procedure of single piece machining time is equal to beat or multiples; Assembly line has special transmission device, the product according to the one-way transport routes. 1: to consider the product structure and assembly process structures and assembly process is the focus of the priority in assembly line arrangement. Analyze the structure of products, research, and put forward advice for the improvement of product structure, can greatly simplify the production process of assembly line equipment. 2: to consider the product technical requirements and assembly process of assembly line equipment and assembly process is according to the product technical requirements for the method to determine, should consider when select assembly line equipment mainly includes: the problem of product platform, product quality, equipment advanced, equipment reliability, the price of the equipment, etc. 3: to consider the mode of production mode of production assembly line equipment is an aspect to consider when working, determine the mode of production need to clear the following points: one is the production platform; Second, working system, here refers to the work shift and every work time; Three is the production line type, want to consider using automatic line and assembly line production, is a single production or farm production; Four is management way, to ensure production management methods by the rules. Line strengthens the claim to the division of labor, and the cause of the division of labor to promote labor productivity has three: one, workers' skills for professional and improve; Second, there is a professional and convert to another professional to loss a lot of time, the division can avoid losses; Three, simplify and shorten labor division of mechanical invention because basis to implement. Division of labor is prior to assembly line and assembly line has promoted the division of labor, division of labor more thoroughly.
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