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Line: air conditioning production line is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-24
Air conditioning assembly line by the chain traction, bearing steel, such as plastic plate fixed on the conveyor on both sides of the guide in the chain, as a support mechanism. Light plate chain conveyor is often used in household appliances industry, location bearing capacity 100 kg, heavy plate chain conveyor is often used in automobile manufacture, agricultural machinery, all kinds of motorcycle, car assembly conveyor line and welding conveyor, various types of brakes, engine chain conveyor, plate chain, the starter motor, magnetic electric door chain plate conveyor chain conveyor, generator, electric welding machine scraper chain conveyor assembly, and other industrial fields such as, bearing capacity of station 2 t. Chain plate choice: carbon steel, stainless steel, wood, plastic air-conditioning production lines play a dominant role in the field of domestic automation industry! The company has a strong air conditioning production line design team and production team! Study design according to customer needs, to meet the customer can provide production in different periods and to increase the production efficiency. Characteristics 1, wide applicable scope. Specially big material viscosity, solid material and pieces are commonly available delivery; 2, large conveying capacity, 3, drag chain of high intensity, can be used for long distance transportation, 4, flexible transmission line layout. Compared with mesh belt conveyor, air conditioning assembly line can be in large dip Angle and the smaller bending radius under the condition of transportation, so the layout flexibility is bigger. Chain plate conveyor Angle can reach 30 & deg; - 35° , generally is about 5 - bending radius 8米; 5, can be classified in the process of conveying, drying, cooling, or assembly and so on all kinds of processing technology; 6, smooth operation and reliable;
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