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Lifting equipment-bucket concrete hoist

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-14
2019-12-04 10:48:17 'Recommendation of Lifting Equipment' of the Ministry of Technology '' Bucket Concrete Hoist Today I will recommend a bucket concrete hoist that can meet high requirements. It is a fixed device The mechanical conveying equipment is mainly suitable for continuous vertical lifting of granular, powder and small materials such as concrete, and is widely used in manufacturers of various sizes to lift bulk materials. It is a special lifting equipment for concrete. Note: The lifting height of the bucket concrete hoist is: 2M-50M; the rated lifting capacity is 100KG; the operating speed is 5.5m/min; the power of the three types of motors is: 0.4KW, 1KW, 1.5KW. Let me tell you about this efficient bucket concrete elevator: Bucket concrete elevator [Main components] The bucket elevator consists of a shell, a traction part (loading conveyor chain), a hopper, and a driving wheel (head wheel). ), redirection wheel (tail wheel), tensioning device, guiding device, feeding port (feeding port) and discharge port (discharging port). Bucket concrete hoist [operating capability] The bucket concrete hoist has good operating reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods, ensuring the reliability of the whole machine operation, and the trouble-free time exceeds 20,000 hours. High lifting height. The hoist runs smoothly, so it can reach a higher lifting height. Bucket-type concrete hoist [drive power] The bucket-type concrete hoist has low driving power, adopts inflow feeding, inductive unloading, and large-capacity hopper intensive layout. There is almost no return and excavation when the material is lifted. Therefore, the reactive power is low.
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