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Key factors for screw conveyors to enter the international market

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-31
2014-10-20 09:02:39 With the continuous maturity and development of domestic loading conveyor industry technology, do domestic screw conveyors have the conditions for exporting to the international market? Then those key factors need to be met to enable domestic screw conveyors The machine goes to the international market.  The advantages of the screw loading conveyor industry in my country have gradually become prominent. The main reason is that the preferential policies introduced in the country have been further strengthened to encourage the replacement and transformation of old high-energy-consuming drive devices, formulate and promote the energy efficiency standards and labeling of drive devices, eliminate the production and sales of low-efficiency drive devices, and encourage the promotion of high-efficiency drive devices . With the in-depth development of system reform in all walks of life, a large number of permanent magnet synchronous variable frequency drives with high efficiency and low energy consumption will become the mainstream of future development.  Raw material supply, only by reducing the source cost can there be sufficient advantages. In the past, domestic conveyors are relatively a new type of industry, with a short development time and relatively backward technology. Now, the technology and talents in the field of screw conveyors in China have been correspondingly improved. The domestic environmental protection industry has developed a great demand. To a certain extent, it has driven the development of screw conveyors. If you want domestic screw conveyors to go abroad, you still have to make further breakthroughs in technology, and technological development is the industry development trend.  The advantages of screw conveyors are: large capacity, high speed, and long service life. Low energy consumption, development of information smart flowers. The space can be bent and conveyed and so on.
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