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Joint process of conveyor belt of mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-04
Many people think that the mobile conveyor looks simple, but after making one, they found that it is not easy to use. For example, the joint part of the loading conveyor belt often has problems such as breakage, winding, partition, and abnormal material running. According to the summary of many years, mechanical technicians believe that all mobile loading conveyor belts must be connected in a loop to be actually used, so the joint of the conveyor belt is a very critical preparation link. The quality of the joint directly affects the service life of the loading conveyor belt and the smooth operation of the conveyor line. So what are the ways to connect conveyors? Let's take a look together:   1, the method of joints   The methods of jointing conveyor belts of mobile conveyors are: mechanical joints, cold bonded joints, hot vulcanized joints and other common methods.   Mechanical joint generally refers to the use of belt buckle joints. This joint method is convenient, quick and economical, but the efficiency of the joint is low and it is easy to damage, which has a certain impact on the service life of the product. In PVC and PVG whole-core flame-retardant antistatic conveyor belt joints, generally products below grade 8 belts use this joint method.   Cold bonding joints, that is, cold bonding adhesives are used for joints. This joint method is more efficient and economical than mechanical joints. It should have a better joint effect. However, from a practical point of view, because the process conditions are relatively difficult to grasp, and the quality of the adhesive has a great influence on the joint. So it is not very stable.   Thermal vulcanization joints have proven to be the most ideal joint method in practice, which can ensure high joint efficiency, while also being very stable. The joint life is also very long and easy to master. However, there are disadvantages such as troublesome process, high cost, and long joint operation time.  2, the joint of the conveyor belt of the layered mobile conveyor        can adopt mechanical joints, cold bonded joints, hot vulcanized joints and other joint methods as needed. Generally, cold-bonded joints and hot-vulcanized joints adopt stepped structure joints.  3, PVC and PVG whole-core flame-retardant conveyor belt joints   Because of the special structure of the whole-core belt, joints are not easy, so most of them use mechanical joints, that is, belt buckle joints. However, in order to ensure the joint effect of belts above grade 8, thermal vulcanization joints are generally used. The structure of the joints are all finger joints. The thermal vulcanization joint process of PVC and PVG whole-core flame-retardant conveyor belts is relatively complicated, and the requirements for equipment are relatively high.  4. Joints of steel cord conveyor belts    The joints of steel cord conveyor belts are the most complicated of all conveyor belt joint technologies. Not only is the process more complicated, but also the joint size parameters designed are the most. Different types of products have different joint structures. Many customers praised our machinery's Xinxing brand mobile conveyors for their good quality. In fact, there is a fundamental reason for this. If a manufacturer has studied so thoroughly and meticulously even the small conveyor belt joint technology, their products How could the quality be bad?
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