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Is there any difference between belt transmission machine belt?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-20
Belt conveyor to help people reduce the labor, compared with manual handling belt transmission is more stable, basic won't appear product drop phenomenon. Belt is an important part of the belt transmission machine, according to different transportation product, the belt will also make a corresponding change, today let's talk about the belt. Belt plays an important role in the belt conveyer, material of different materials need different belt material. Belt material is rubber, silicone resin, PVC, PU and other materials. For transportation of ordinary material of belt conveyor, belt materials commonly used in fabric as the core, ordinary rubber as cover material. Smooth surface is flat and level. We call it the rubber belt, it can be broken material transportation, also can be made into pieces. Goods delivery. Ordinary belt of the belt conveyor is mainly used in construction engineering, mining sandstone, coal power plants and other industries. Transport of coal, gravel, sand, cement, fertilizer and other materials. In addition to the ordinary material, belt conveyor can also transport some special material. Special belt include: heat resistant belt, hardy belts and flame retardant belt. There are also some corrosive materials. If need to anti-static, need special transportation belt. In industrial production, saving the cost of production is the key, therefore the belt conveyer belt should be properly maintained, it can effectively extend the service life of conveyor belt. 1. The conveyor belt can reduce or, in the process of transportation and storage to prevent contact with corrosive substances. 2. For conveyor belt, the warehouse temperature should be kept at 18 40° C, relative humidity in the 50 - shall be maintained 80%. 3. The conveyor must be placed in rolls, and every season should turn the conveyor belt. 4. In the paper should be consistent with the direction of conveyor belt running direction. In order to reduce the material falls on the impact of the belt conveyor belt, chute, should be adopted to reduce the material drop distance; To receive part of the conveyor belt should shorten the idler of spacing and adopt buffer support. Cylinder leaks, conveyor belt use soft moderate flap, to prevent the baffle is too hard and scrape conveyor belt surface.
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