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Is the conveying capacity of a belt conveyor related to the belt width and belt speed?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-07
Belt conveyors have been applied to various fields because of their stable operation and continuous transportation capacity. belt is the key component of the belt conveyor, the prefabricated part, the installation part of the raw material and the traction belt part. The road where the conveyor belt shoulders the raw materials is called the installation section, and the back road is called the full load section. A wide range of core materials include cotton and white canvas, polyester fabric, white and white canvas, and galvanized steel wire. The server bandwidth and belt speed of the conveyor belt have a critical damage to the throughput of the belt conveyor. How to choose suitable server bandwidth and speed for resource sharing. 1. Server bandwidth Generally speaking, for a certain belt speed, the transportation expertise of the belt conveyor will increase with the expansion of the total width of the conveyor belt, but the total width of the narrow conveyor belt is likely to lie in the granularity of the raw materials being transported. distributed. The loading conveyor belt has as much overall width as possible, so that a small piece of the conveyed small piece and a small piece of powdery mixed material is not easy to be installed close to the edge of the conveyor belt, and the internal model specification and guide groove of the feeding trough The space in the middle is as adequate as possible so that the mixture of various particle size distributions can be based without blocking.  2. Belt speed    The suitable belt speed lies at a very large level in the characteristics of the raw materials being transported, the required transport expertise and the carrying capacity of the selected conveyor belt. Powdered raw materials should be transported at the lowest possible speed, which is convenient to reduce the dust on the construction site of the construction site, especially at the feeding and feeding places. Plastic raw materials should also limit the speed of the conveyor belt. Because the conveyor belt and the easily broken raw materials being transported sway on the buffering buffer roller, the belt speed is as low as possible, so that it is not easy to cause the plastic raw materials to crack at the feeding point and the feeding point. Raw materials with heavy and sharp edges should be transported at a moderate speed. Because the sharp edges of the raw materials are likely to be too worn away from the conveyor belt to block the viscose, especially when the raw materials run along the conveyor belt at a warm feeding speed significantly This is especially true when it is less than the conveyor belt speed. The following factors should be considered for the selection of belt speed:   Server bandwidth: The smaller the total width of the tape, the less stable it is during high-speed operation, and it is very easy to cause more serious spattering conditions. Portable belt conveyor: The installation quality is generally higher, and higher belt speeds can be used. The speed of semi-portable and portable belt conveyors is lower. The speed can be higher when conveying in level or tending to level. The larger the inclination angle, the easier it is to rotate or drag the raw material. A lower speed should be selected. Belt conveyor with skewed installation: Relatively speaking, the lower speed of the belt conveyor needs to be lower, because the raw material is easier to rotate and drag on the tape during the downward transportation. The greater the ton-kilometer value of the transport professional skills, the greater the compressive strength of the tape required. In order to reduce the compressive strength of the tape, a higher speed can be used. The bending of the tape on the drum: the destruction of loading and the impact of the raw materials cause the tape to wear out, so the short-circuit belt conveyor is to reduce the speed. However, in order to reduce the bearing capacity of the tape, long-distance belt conveyors often choose high-speed operation.
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