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Is the belt conveyor effective for conveying mineral powder?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-08
2019-08-02 16:36:48    Is the belt conveyor effective for conveying mineral powder?  Recently, some customers have inquired whether the belt loading conveyor can be used to convey ore powder? The answer is yes! Belt conveyors move according to the principle of friction transmission, and are mainly used for material transportation in metallurgy, chemical, construction, power plants, docks and other industries. Therefore, the belt conveyor is also suitable for ore powder transportation.  The belt conveyor has a large capacity and high efficiency. It is suitable for ore powder transportation in a variety of environments. The following editor will introduce to you which ore powder belt conveyors produced by the conveyor manufacturers' machinery?  What are the advantages of belt conveyors?  Advantage 1: Belt conveyor [large conveying capacity] The conveying capacity of belt conveyor is very large, reaching 6000t/h, and its conveying length is very long; the conveying height is very high, reaching 203m.  Advantage 2: Belt conveyor [strong conveying function]    in addition to being well used in the conveying of mineral powder, it can also be used for various powder, sand, stone, coal and other materials, with a very wide range of applications.   advantage three: belt conveyor [low cost of use]    belt conveyor system to transport each ton of bulk materials required labor hours and energy consumption, repair and replacement of smaller parts can be quickly completed on-site, low maintenance costs. The above is an introduction to the advantages of the mineral powder belt conveyor introduced by the editor. If you have any transportation problems or doubts, you can consult online or call for consultation, our 24-hour manual customer service, we will always be online for you answer.
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