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Introduction to the solution to belt slippage of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-22

Belt conveyors are used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation to convey various solid block and powder materials or pieces

Products. The belt loading conveyor has the advantages of continuous, high efficiency, large inclination transportation, safe operation, easy use, easy maintenance, and shipping costs.

Low and other advantages. It can be seen that in industrial production and transportation, belt conveyors have played a role in reducing engineering costs and saving manpower and material resources.

role. However, the slippage of the belt conveyor belt is one of the most annoying problems in the work process. Let's take a look at one

What are the solutions to the belt slippage of the lower belt loading conveyor?

The solution to the belt slippage of the belt loading conveyor:
1. Solution

Sliding of heavy hammer tensioning belt conveyor belt. For belt conveyors using heavy hammer tensioning device, counterweight can be added to solve the problem when the belt of the belt conveyor slips until the belt does not slip. But should not add too much, so as not to make

The belt of the belt conveyor is subjected to unnecessary excessive tension and reduces its service life.

2. Solve screw tension or hydraulic pressure

Slippage of the tensioning belt conveyor belt. Use screw tensioned or hydraulic tensioned belt conveyors, adjustable in the event of belt slippage

Full tensioning stroke to increase the tensioning force. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough, resulting in permanent damage to the belt conveyor belt.

Deformation, at this time, the belt can be cut off and re-vulcanized.

3. Longer tensioning stroke is required when using nylon belt or EP

, when the stroke is not enough, it can also re-vulcanize or increase the tensioning stroke to solve the belt slip problem of the belt conveyor.

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