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Introduction to the full laboratory automation pipeline

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-07
The full name of the assembly line is Total laboratory automation (TLA). With the development of laboratory automation today, the overall automation includes four parts, namely sample collection and transmission, sample preprocessing, sample analysis and sample postprocessing. part.

According to the TLA test items, it can be divided into biochemical immune pipeline, blood cell pipeline, blood coagulation pipeline, molecular diagnostic pipeline, urine pipeline and microbial pipeline, but due to other subdivisions The market capacity is small, and the assembly line in the narrow sense usually refers to the biochemical immune assembly line.

TLA is an all-round automated laboratory system, including the automation of the whole process from sample collection to output of inspection reports and sample storage. .

Full-process automated assembly line mainly includes the following four types of modules:

The sample collection and transmission module mainly includes sampling, sample transportation, sorting and other modules.

The sample pre-processing module mainly includes modules such as input/output, centrifugation, cap removal, and cup separation.

The sample analysis module mainly refers to the orbital interface and the corresponding biochemical analyzer and immunological analyzer and other modules.

Sample post-processing mainly includes modules such as capping/filming, storage, sample extraction, secondary decapping and information system.

The specific links mainly include: automatic generation of barcodes for blood collection tubes, automatic coding, automatic sample transmission, automatic sample sorting, sample input, centrifugation, cap removal, cup separation, analysis, addition Cover/film, storage, sample delivery, secondary removal of cover/film, result review and delivery, sample re-inspection, etc.

At this stage, the entire process is automated except for the daily steps of changing reagents, replacing consumables, and necessary maintenance of the instrument.

The difference of the assembly line on the market is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Orbital power and number of orbits

The orbit is the core of the entire assembly line sample operation flow, and is also the foundation of the assembly line.

According to different track power, it can be divided into crawler power track transmission, magnetic power track transmission and unpowered track transmission. The number of tracks can generally be divided into two-track, three-track, and four-track transmission.

Crawler power transmission is the most commonly used transmission method in the current assembly line, and most of the assembly lines use this transmission method. Crawler power transmission requires the use of pneumatic or motor-driven crawlers to drive the specimens to move between modules.

Magnetic orbital transport refers to the use of magnetodynamic devices under the orbit to transport samples.

Unpowered track means that the sample flow is not driven by the track itself, and the circuit board, crawler and motor device are not arranged under the track, and the sample transfer relies on the intelligent trolley and its supporting intelligent control system .

2. Sample transport mode

Can be divided into single tube transport It can be transported with sample racks, which can be divided into five tubes, six tubes, ten tubes, etc.

As the name implies, single-tube transport refers to the track transporting only one sample at a time, and sample rack transport refers to the track that can transport 5, 6 and 10 samples at a time sample holder.

3. Compatibility

It can be divided into open and closed pipelines.

Open pipeline refers to pipeline systems that can be connected to analyzers from third-party brands. The closed assembly line can only be connected to the analyzer of its own brand.

From a technical point of view, the threshold for the assembly line to connect third-party brands only needs to solve the interface module between the track and the analyzer and upgrade the information management system.

At present, the domestic assembly line market is a battleground for military strategists, showing a situation of fierce competition. Imported manufacturers have upgraded and launched a new generation of assembly line products, and leading domestic manufacturers have also joined the ranks of competition and achieved good results.
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