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Introduction to related knowledge of chain conveyor maintenance

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-24
The chain conveyor has a stable structure and is suitable for the continuous conveying of large batches of heavy-duty workpieces. The emergence of chain conveyors has saved labor costs for enterprises, improved production efficiency, and promoted the indispensable conveying equipment for the development of industrial automation. Although the application of chain conveyor has greatly improved the production efficiency of the enterprise, if it is used for a long time, if the maintenance work cannot be done well, problems such as unstable operation and loud noise will occur, and the service life of the conveyor will be shortened. The production process of the enterprise. The following editor will tell you how to repair and maintain the chain conveyor. 1. Repair and maintenance methods of the chain conveyor motor. Liquid organic compounds and diesel cannot be added to the motor and the governor head, nor can water enter, otherwise it will damage the insulation of the motor and governor head and cause failure; other aspects of maintenance And maintenance can follow the motor specifications in the electrician’s manual. 2. Repair and maintenance of the chain conveyor chain. Temporary operation of the chain will cause its own lubricating oil to heat and volatilize, so that the chain will be unbalanced during operation, noise will increase, slow crawling and other faults; by opening the tail sealing plate, the chain Add thick lubricating oil, etc. to solve the problem. 3. Repair and maintenance of the reduction gear box of the chain loading conveyor head ① After the first use of the gear box for three months, empty its engine oil, clean it with diesel and gasoline, then empty it, and add new lubricating oil to the observation window. Middle position; ②Ensure sufficient amount of lubricating oil every month, and change lubricating oil at least once a year. Too much lubricating oil should not be too much. If too much, it will easily cause the gearbox to heat up and cause the motor load to be too large, which will cause the motor maintenance switch to trip; The gearbox generates heat, increases in noise, or the gearbox hangs and is scrapped. The above content is an introduction to the relevant knowledge about the maintenance of the chain conveyor, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about the conveyor equipment, you can follow our website.
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