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Introduction of optimal control of scraper conveyor startup

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-04
The dynamic characteristics of the scraper conveyor mainly include the response functions generated under the action of the outside world, such as tension, speed, displacement, acceleration, and the total running resistance of the conveyor. The external excitation mainly includes the driving force, braking force, polygon effect, displacement with automatic tension adjustment system, the change of the material amount on the conveyor, and the fault load, etc. applied by the system.

The control problem of the dynamic characteristics of the scraper conveyor refers to the control of the input according to the difference between the set output target and the actual output, so that the output can meet the specific requirements.

If the output is optimal, the problem under study is the optimal control problem. The input excitation of the scraper conveyor is divided into two types: controllable and uncontrollable. The control analysis principle of the dynamic characteristics of the controllable input excitation is shown in Figure 1. After simulation analysis, it is known that the start-up characteristics have an impact on the dynamics of the scraper loading conveyor.

Features have a big impact. In the following, we mainly discuss the optimization problem of controllable start-up characteristics, the goal of which is to make the system produce less fluctuation.

The start-up characteristics of a scraper conveyor have a great influence on its dynamic characteristics. The reasonable start-up process control can reduce the dynamic impact of the scraper conveyor under the start-up condition. Through the start-up control theory of the scraper conveyor, it is confirmed that the reverse 'S' type speed characteristic curve of pre-start is the most reasonable to start, which provides the basis for the design of the high-power and high-reliability scraper conveyor.

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