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Introduction of Heat Treatment of Roller Conveyor Parts

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-29

The chains and sprockets used in roller conveyors need to be heat treated and formed to

And some other processing processes, the production and manufacturing can be officially completed. The entire production and manufacturing process needs to go through several processes.

The sequence can only be completed. Every production process is very important. From the initial design drawings to the later product processing and molding, we need to

Every process is precisely controlled.

The description of heat treatment of roller loading conveyor sprocket and chain:
1. Heat treatments tend to favor thin layers.
2. With hardness

Gradient replaces carbon concentration gradient measurement to obtain moderate carbon concentration gradient, improving brittleness, increasing strength, and improving overall quality.
3. Heat treatment by means of controlled atmosphere quenching and carbonitriding.
4. Carburizing with propane gas

Heat treatment of sprockets.
5. Reduce the reliance on the converter, and the products with thick infiltration layer are replaced by box-type multi-purpose furnace or gas pit furnace.

The production process of the sprocket and chain of the roller loading conveyor is very different, The production process used by each manufacturer is different

, although the products produced may be exactly the same, but if you ask about their process, they may be different, so we must

We must do more and learn more and strive to attract some better production processes into our production process, and make our process well

Familiar, but also to develop the production technology to the advanced level in the same industry, so that we can not only produce good products but also sell the production technology, so that every sprocket manufacturer will actively learn our production technology, This is also a new way of long-term development of the company

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