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Introduction of fruit and vegetable plastic chain conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-28
In vegetable processing production lines, mesh belts are often used for conveying, and mesh belts are generally made of stainless steel or food-grade plastics. The mesh belt consists of the upper conveyor belt and the lower return belt to form a closed loop for cyclic operation. The frame mainly includes a guard plate, a frame column and a connecting cross bar. The connecting crossbar is connected to the frame columns on both sides. In order to make the equipment run smoothly, it is usually set near the mesh belt and very close to the lower return belt. However, in use, it is found that the area between the connecting bar and the mesh belt is difficult to rinse and clean, and it is easy to accumulate and retain impurities from the vegetables, which is conducive to the reproduction of bacteria, thus affecting the hygiene of the mesh belt and the food. Therefore, we should try to eliminate it. Attach the crossbar or keep it away from the mesh belt for easy cleaning.

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Companies that are constantly adding plastic chain plate conveyor belts for fruit and vegetable cleaning know how to use costs reasonably. Because reducing the waste of costs can save production costs for the company, it is a major advantage for the company in the market competition. And we only need to keep trudging on the company's competitive advantage to make the company open in the direction of interest.

The development of various operations in the mall, when it contributes to the opening of our entire economy, also makes us feel vividly that the opening of various operations in all the malls is not ours The attitude we want is even worse sometimes, which is about our fruit and vegetable cleaning plastic chain plate conveyor belt operation

The application field of fruit and vegetable cleaning plastic chain plate conveyor belt!

Plastic chain plate conveyor has brought many enterprises not only improved work efficiency but also increased production value. Which industries are plastic mesh chains used in?

Plastic chain plate conveyor belts are mainly used in: dairy and beverage industry, bakery industry, fruit and vegetable industry, aquatic products and meat processing industry, container manufacturing industry, corrugated cardboard processing industry, battery industry, snack processing Industry, general material conveying industry and other industries, plastic chain plate conveyor belt, also known as plastic steel mesh belt, is mainly used in plastic steel mesh belt conveyor. It is a supplement to traditional belt conveyors. The shortcomings of puncture and corrosion provide customers with a safe, fast and easy-to-maintain transportation method.

Because the mesh belt conveyor uses a modular plastic-steel mesh belt, and the transmission mode adopts sprocket drive, the plastic-steel loading conveyor mesh belt is not easy to meander and deviate, and because the belt is thick, it can withstand cutting, collision, and Oil resistance, water resistance and other characteristics make it free from troubles in maintenance when used in various industries, especially when replacing the conveyor belt, the plastic chain conveyor belt for fruit and vegetable cleaning reduces a cost.

The mesh belts of different materials can play different conveying functions and meet the needs of different environments. We modify the plastic materials to make the conveyor belts meet the ambient temperature between -10 degrees and 120 degrees Celsius. delivery requirements.

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