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Introduction of Conveyor Sorter Cross-belt Sorting System

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-19
The conveyor sorter is also called a cross-belt sorting system, which is connected by a main drive belt conveyor and a trolley (referred to as 'trolley') carrying a small belt conveyor, relying on a circular track line with transverse The trolley of the loading conveyor belt carries out the loading and unloading of items.
When the trolley arrives at the designated loading position, the loading equipment transports the items onto the trolley. After reaching the unloading position, the trolley unloads the items into the designated compartment for sorting through its own belt.

sorter system composition:

sorting trolley

loading conveyor sorter sorting trolley is a cargo sorting executive mechanism, which is covered in the whole ring Track, relying on the thrust exerted by the linear motor on the secondary plate to provide power for the trolley to run. The upper belt line of the trolley is powered by the electric drum or motor to carry out the loading and unloading of goods, and runs smoothly on the circular track relying on the walking wheels and limit wheels on the walking frame.

For charter machine

Conveying sorter for charter machine is the sorting machine packing mechanism, through which the goods can be transported to the trolley for packing the goods , Manually put the packages on the charter machine, the speed of each charter machine is more than 1500 pieces/h, if a reasonable conveyor line design is adopted, the package is fully automatic, and the speed of each charter machine can reach 2000 pieces/h or more. Add volume detection and weight detection functions as needed.

Linear motor

The linear motor of the loading conveyor and sorter is installed on the track to provide power for the trolley to run. The linear motor drive is a non-mechanical friction drive, so it can be Reduce the mechanical wear of the equipment, with low mechanical noise, easy installation and maintenance, etc.


The gate of the conveyor sorter is the designated entrance for the goods to arrive after being unloaded from the trolley. , item size and other attributes to divide, and make the specified style according to the needs, such as: chute type, roller type, drop bag type, etc.

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