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Introduction of common industrial automation equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-03-01
lines are commonly used equipment in industrial automation equipment, but have you seen so many types?
1. Belt conveyor line
The belt conveyor line uses the continuous or intermittent drive of the conveyor belt to transport various items and materials with different weights. The items that can be transported include: bulk materials and single light-weight cartons and packaging bags etc., it has a wide range of uses. Application range of belt loading conveyor line: light industry, electronics, food, chemical industry, wood industry, machinery and other industries , O-belt, etc.; 3. The main types of plastic chain conveyor lines focus on the type of chain, and the chain can add top plates, side connectors, etc. The double-row plastic chain conveying fixture is used for unloading, which has the characteristics of low friction, durability, easy maintenance, and low noise. 4. Double-speed chain conveyor line Sleeve roller conveyor chain, other special chains can also be used. The conveying capacity is large and can carry a large load; the conveying speed is accurate and stable, which can ensure accurate synchronous conveying; it is easy to realize accumulation and conveying, and can be used as an assembly line or as a Storage and transportation of materials;
5. Synchronous belt conveyor line The synchronous belt conveyor line has 2 rows of conveying surfaces, so a stopper and a sensor can be installed between the belts. Intermediate drive type that can adjust the position of the drive unit. Mainly used for the transportation of light tooling boards. 6. Circular return type fixture conveyor line The fixture return circulation line uses a motor to drive a synchronous belt, and the accompanying fixture runs stably along the circular cycle, which can realize the simultaneous transmission and positioning of multiple products, which is an automatic equipment station between stations. The workpiece is conveyed smoothly and at high speed. 7. Circular indexing fixture conveyor line The circular indexing system is driven by a motor-driven screw and a synchronous belt. Along the trajectory of a special guide rail, the fixture runs stably along the circular cycle, which can realize simultaneous transmission and positioning of multiple random fixtures. For the smooth and high-speed transfer between the automation equipment station and the station. 8. Mesh belt conveyor line mesh belt chain conveyor features: it will not be penetrated by pollution sources such as oil entrained in the product, nor will it absorb any impurities and the surface of the conveyor belt, with strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, and not easy to deform Deflection, oil proof, low noise, light weight, non-magnetic antistatic, high temperature resistance, long service life.

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