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Introduce the working principle and characteristics of the power roller conveyor food conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-28

Professional production and sales of roller conveyor belt loading conveyor manufacturer YiFan The author will discuss with you about the working principle and characteristics of the power roller conveyor food conveyor:
The rapid development of the global economy today

, in order to meet the needs of productive enterprises and the logistics conveying equipment industry, the most important thing is to reduce the conveying cost. People in the food conveyor industry pointed out that in order to solve this problem, there is another problem to consider: the high cost of the production conveyor industry.

What's the reason? To this end, we first briefly understand the relevant information of the power roller conveyor food conveyor equipment for reference.

Common power roller roller conveyors can be divided into accumulation roller roller conveyors and single roller roller conveyors.

There are two types of chain conveyors, the accumulation type conveyor is suitable for product assembly, the power type conveyor can be used instead of the traditional conveyor,

No external force is required for transmission. During the operation of the single chain conveyor, the main purpose is to convey materials.

Power Roller

Working principle of food conveyor: Power roller conveyor Food conveyor mainly drives the roller with the help of a motor reducer

The sprocket at one end of the conveyor makes the material convey smoothly, its relative height is relatively high, and the speed is adjusted by configuring the frequency conversion speed regulation

. This conveyor product is suitable for conveying all kinds of boxes, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, convenient and fast, and improving work efficiency


Features of Power Roller Food :
1. Smooth and safe operation

Complete, can save energy, suitable for all kinds of food production and transportation lines.
2. The design of the orange structure is simple

, the production performance is safe and reliable, and the manufacture/maintenance and installation are also very convenient, in addition, it has high efficiency and low noise performance.
3. It has the characteristics of strong overload capacity and impact resistance, and is suitable for materials such as frequent lifting and reverse operation.

4. There are various conveying methods, and the roller conveyor can also be selected according to actual needs, so as to

Make the entire conveying equipment more secure.

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