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Intelligent and diversified chain conveyors will seize the opportunity

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-24
With the sustainable development of automated loading conveyor equipment, chain conveyors will also develop in the direction of safety, environmental protection, and intelligence in the future, making chain conveyor equipment more diversified and multifunctional. Nowadays, the most common trends in the chain conveyor industry include the following points: miniaturization or lightweight; conducive to recovery and recycling; a higher proportion of recyclability; more use of renewable raw materials. After decades of development, my country’s transportation equipment has now entered a white-hot stage; competition is fierce, the differences are becoming more obvious, and there has been overcapacity in the market, the future transportation equipment will tend to be intelligent, and who can be better in the future To meet the diverse needs of customers, whoever can seize the opportunity. Conveying efficiency and conveying compatibility are indexes that people use to measure the technological content of conveying machinery. It is also the most frequently considered issue when customers choose conveying equipment products. As a branch of the conveying equipment industry, chain conveyors have realized this, and in accordance with the market trend, the machinery will start to develop highly intelligent and diversified chain conveyors, such as beverage chain conveyors, beer chain conveyors, etc. , From the past, it can only adapt to one specification to now adapt to multiple specifications. Not only that, but it can also transport beverages, lubricating oil, salad oil and other products at the same time to achieve the same equipment to achieve the effect of transporting multiple products. A variety of conveying methods. There are straight lines, turns, slopes, spirals, etc. The development of the intelligent direction of the chain conveyor is very important.
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