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Install the basic knowledge of scraper chain conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-22

Chain scraper conveyor with standard chain plate as the bearing surface, by the motor reducer for powertrain; Parallel, we can use multiple columns chain plate conveyor chain made of a very wide and differential formation, using multiple columns more columns with the speed of the chain plate conveyor in the case of no squeeze into a single transmission, so as to meet the beverage labeling, filling and cleaning equipment such as single delivery requirements, also can make a single column and more walking slowly, resulting in storage capacity, satisfy the bottle sterilization machine, machine, cold bottle machine of feeding requirements, we can be two chain conveyor head tail into the mixture of superimposed chain makes the bottles in excessive dynamic state, the transmission line not stranded material, can satisfy the empty bottles and bottles of pressure and without pressure. 

 Before installing the rack, the first to pull on the chain length of the conveyor centerline, when installing a sections frame, must aim at the centerline, leveling, as well as which frame to the centerline of the margin of error. Device for install the driver must pay attention to make the chain belt conveyor and belt drive shaft center line of the vertical chain scraper conveyor, the middle of the width of the driving drum and the chain plate conveyer of the center line of coincidence, the axis of the gear reducer and drive axis parallel to the frame fixed to the base or on the floor, after completion of fixed, can furnish the feeding and discharging device. Hang a conveyor belt, conveyor belt first article spread on no-load period of roller, wai after driving drum, apply on the roller of overloading section again.

 Chain belt conveyor installed, needs to be idling of commissioning. In the idling of commissioning, should pay attention to in the operation of the conveyor belt running deviation phenomenon, drive in the part of the operating temperature, roller operation activity. Using spiral tension device, when loading operation commissioning, and adjust the firmness again. It is reported, and stainless steel sprocket chain sags to running-in, too loose or wear, easy to cause to take off the chain too tight influence the consumed power, are associated with the degree of tightness of standard, filed or under pressure from the central part of the chain, two chain wheel center distance of about 2%. Long chain should remove a day or two to the right, but the number of link must be even link should back through the chain lock plate inserted in the outside, lock the opening of the piece should be toward the rotation in the opposite direction. The chain should be timely filling lubricating oil in a work. Lubricating oil must be into the roller and the inner sleeve fit clearance, in order to improve working conditions, reduce wear and tear. Actually stainless steel stainless steel mesh belt conveyor mesh belt as a carrier for transportation, suitable for the drying of food industry, cooking, Fried, dehumidification, frozen and metal industries such as cooling, spray, such as cleaning, drain oil, heat treatment process. 

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