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Inspection before starting the mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-30
For operators of mobile conveyors, it is not just as simple as using mobile conveyors. In addition to the formal operation of the mobile conveyor in accordance with the operating requirements, the daily maintenance and storage of the mobile conveyor is usually carried out by the operator of the conveyor. In other words, the maintenance and maintenance are also carried out by the operator of the conveyor, like the operation of the conveyor. One of the responsibilities and work. Before the operator operates the mobile conveyor, it is necessary to make a sufficient rotor, so that the conveyor can operate normally. There are mainly two aspects of inspection: one is whether all the parts installed on the conveyor are firm. This seems simple but it is very important and cannot be ignored. The second is to check whether the parts of the mobile conveyor that need to be lubricated have been lubricated. If the machine is lubricating during operation, working time and efficiency will be delayed. Then there is to check that there are no uncleaned or leftover things on the conveyor. This step should also be checked after the conveyor is used, enough to see its importance. The other points are the inspection items on the outside of the mobile conveyor body. The first is that no people or any objects can be stacked under the cantilever that is transported. This is very dangerous. Then there is the place where the mobile conveyor is placed. If the ground is soft, wooden boards or harder materials such as a Hong Kong version should be installed in time to prevent the machine from sinking during operation. In addition, we need to pay special attention to the fact that the tires of the conveyor need to be checked in time if the air pressure is insufficient. If necessary, it should be inflated in time so that the mobile conveyor can save time and effort when moving. If you find that the air pressure is insufficient when you need to move, it will seriously affect the delivery efficiency. Another point for the mobile loading conveyor is that you must pay attention to inserting the positioning pins of the lifting conveyor wheel set before use. This is very critical.
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