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In the installation conveyor power roller what are the problems need to pay attention to?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-24

Conveyor are widely used in all walks of life, in what are the problems need to pay attention to install conveyor power cylinder, how much do you know? 

 Sums up small make up for all three points: you need timely adjust and powered roller, also want to check the screw is fixed well, if there is loose, to timely adjust well, too, because the consolidation is need screws of the bearing to decide, if the screw is loose, the bearing is not very stable. Second, installing a power cylinder, also pay attention to the barrel to settle down, insist on a level position, if I find the power roller skew beyond 5 degrees, so, also need me in a timely manner to adjust the third, power cylinder oil cylinder filling method and quantity, power cylinder filling package power power, also are the important factors influencing the dynamic effect of drum. 

 And I also want to notice, the power cylinder cooling oil amount to more than a third of the power cylinder, this is because the power cylinder, it is certain to should have spare capacity. Therefore, installing a power roller conveyor, pay special attention to these problems, only in this way, will let play the biggest power roller conveyor. 

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