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Improvement and application advantages of stainless steel mesh belt conveyor!

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-03-09

The mesh belt conveyor fully embodies its unique performance in use, whether it is high temperature, high humidity or corrosive and food environment, the mesh belt conveyor can easily adapt to it. The key to these outstanding functions of the mesh belt conveyor is the raw material for making the mesh belt, not all conveying equipment has this function.

The production of each product has its own certain characteristics, otherwise it will not be able to obtain further development and application, let alone the unanimous approval of the majority of users. The same is true for the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor we are going to talk about today. Technical aspects have also been further improved. The mesh belt conveyor has strong adaptability to the line. Modern mesh belt conveyors when laying off-road.

It has developed from a trough shape to a round tube shape. It can turn on the horizontal and vertical planes, breaking the shackles that the trough belt conveyor cannot turn. Therefore, it can walk along the terrain and save a lot of tunnel repairs. Bridge infrastructure investment; stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is very convenient for loading and unloading materials. Stainless steel mesh belt conveyor manufacturers can load and unload materials at any point according to the needs of the process. The same is true for round tube belt conveyors. It can also be loaded and unloaded on the return section for reverse transportation.

The stainless steel mesh belt conveyor has many advantages such as good performance and large capacity, which is conducive to the removal performance of the equipment, so it has been widely used in the food industry of glass working enterprises. However, due to the unreasonable structure and high accident rate of the existing standard model of the main part of the driven mesh belt conveyor equipment, it seriously affects the normal operation of the belt loading conveyor. On the basis of several years of production theory, we have analyzed the stress situation and drum structure of the faults in the transmission equipment, and the conversion belt network drive equipment has greatly reduced the drive equipment in damage accidents, and the effect is very good.

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