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Hubei stainless steel conveyor belt high temperature 1200 degrees,

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-02-02

Whether it is the food industry or the industrial industry, as long as there is a place for transportation, there is a stainless steel conveyor belt. The most important thing to use a stainless steel conveyor belt is to lubricate the chain regularly. more recognized by people.

Hubei stainless steel loading conveyor belt

It has good thermal conductivity, and the property of being able to conduct heat is called thermal conductivity. Due to the different internal and external temperatures, there are different expansions and contractions, which cause stress inside the metal; when the internal stress is greater than the strength limit of the metal, the metal will crack. The larger it is, the more likely it is to crack due to rapid heat or cooling.

Hubei stainless steel conveyor belt

It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance 1200 ℃, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good tensile strength and long service life. Widely used in electronics industry, kiln, heat treatment, sintering furnace, powder metallurgy, logistics and transportation and other industries.

Hubei stainless steel conveyor belt

The belt core is a metal spiral mesh integral belt core, which is resistant to burning, high temperature, flame retardant, puncture resistance, tear resistance, small elongation, high interlayer bonding strength, good groove formation, and 100% vulcanized joint efficiency. The joint operation time is short and easy to operate. The stainless steel conveyor belt louver curtain is woven into a multi-leaf net curtain format with metal filaments, and is equipped with a rotating head, a counterweight, a moving head, a rotating rod, a rotating chain, a catenary, a pull hammer or a button box, a motor, and a fixing frame to form a metal mesh Venetian blinds. Among them, the stainless steel conveyor belt core high temperature resistant conveyor belt is used at a temperature of 150°C-200°C; the stainless steel mesh belt adopts plain weave or twill weave, and the core burn-resistant conveyor belt is used at a temperature of 200°C-800°C.

Hubei stainless steel conveyor belt

It has good performance at different temperatures. Because of this, stainless steel conveyor belts are widely used in the electronics industry, kilns, heat treatment, sintering furnaces, powder metallurgy, logistics and other industries.

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