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How to solve the degumming of the roller failure of the belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-28
09-07 16:14:09 How to solve the failure and degumming of the belt conveyor roller? The roller brake failure of the belt conveyor is caused by abnormal air pressure, air leakage or blockage of the air pipe; brake pad damage; brakes on both sides of the roller The moving disc is defective; the operating brake switch system is faulty and the brake command transmission is not smooth; the power transmission system does not cut off the power in time; for the belt friction brake, check whether the friction belt is loose or the friction factor decreases, and it should be adjusted or replaced . Roller degumming is caused by too small wrap angle and too small friction coefficient, which leads to degumming of the rubber surface of the roller. From the analysis of belt slip, the smaller the wrap angle of the roller, the smaller the friction coefficient. Skidding. The enclosing angle between the roller and the loading conveyor belt should be appropriately increased, and the mixture of water and materials should be prevented from adhering to the conveyor belt during the production process to reduce the friction coefficient. The belt tension is too small and the rubber surface of the conveyor belt roller is degummed. The belt conveyor with heavy hammer tension can be solved by adding the weight of the heavy hammer. It should be added until it does not slip, but it should be noted that it should not Add too much, so as not to prevent unnecessary excessive tension of the conveyor belt and reduce the service life of the conveyor belt; the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor using spiral tensioning device and hydraulic tensioning device slips, and the tensioning stroke can be adjusted To increase the tensioning force, but sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough and the loading conveyor belt is deformed. At this time, the conveyor belt can be cut off and then vulcanized again. The failure of the cleaner will cause the roller to degummed, and the failure of the function will cause the material on the conveyor belt to enter between the roller and the conveyor belt, causing wear between the material particles and the conveyor belt, resulting in the degumming of the rubber surface of the roller and reducing the service life of the conveyor belt.
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