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How to select the chain plate of the chain plate conveyor of the conveying equipment

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-02
As a professional manufacturer of conveying equipment, I have time to chat with you today about the selection of conveyor belts for chain conveyors, drying and cleaning equipment. I believe this is one of the concerns of many friends. If you are also interested in this topic, please follow my footsteps and slowly approach the international shipping chain. Explore together and solve puzzles together. The conveying, cleaning, and drying equipment generally use mesh belts and chain plates as conveying equipment. Our knowledge about the stainless steel chain plate of the chain conveyor is still at the previous stage, which is an intangible encouragement to us. Let us try our best to keep innovating. Selection of chain plates for chain conveyors: There are various standards for chain plates. Which chain plate is suitable depends on the amount of material you transport and the application environment. If you use the environment where water or corrosive products are transported, then To choose 304 stainless steel raw materials. 304 stainless steel is a versatile stainless steel, which is widely used in the manufacture of equipment and parts that require outstanding induction functions (corrosion resistance and formability). If the operating environment generally can choose 201 or carbon steel raw materials as the conveyor belt. Selection of chain plate thickness of chain conveyor: The selection of chain plate thickness depends on the weight of the items to be transported. For lighter items, 1mm and 1.2mm thick plates can be used as conveyor belts. We can use plates 2.5, 3.5, 5.5 as conveyor belts for heavy materials. If the load-bearing capacity per meter is more than 1 ton, then we have to choose another type of chain plate as the conveyor belt, that is, the channel steel bending chain plate. His load-bearing capacity is very large, with a load-bearing capacity of 1-3 tons per meter. As the first choice for transporting heavy materials, it lives up to its name. Transporting electric vehicles, motorcycles, refrigerators, washing machines and other channel steel chain plates can complete his job freely. Selection of chain plate materials for chain conveyors: The selection of chain plate materials depends on the working environment of the transportation equipment. If you are exposed to high temperature, water, acid and other environments for a long time, please choose stainless steel 201 or 304 raw materials, they are resistant to high temperature and acid Alkali and corrosion resistance, especially the high temperature resistance of 304 raw material can reach 600 degrees high temperature, and 316 stainless steel can withstand high temperature 1000 degrees. Please select chain plates of different materials according to the specific application environment. More: Chain Slab Turning Chain Slab Climbing Chain Slab Spiral Chain Slab
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