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How to repair and adjust is line breakage

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-22
Guangzhou conveyor in the factory, guangzhou conveyor belt after commissioning, running deviation problems generally do not use. But for various reasons, the conveyor belt running deviation is used more often. Here simple analyse its causes and elimination method: 1. Guangzhou conveyer belt in extension, tension is required. 2. Guangzhou conveyor belt on both sides of tension leveling Heng, needs to be set-up. Set-up, jiangmen line notice when only point moving conveyor belt and adjust timely observation effect, prevent damage of side on the chassis crushed to death belt and belt. If the card is dead, you have to release all the tension, artificial to the middle position. 3. Guangzhou conveyor belt loose or fall off, need to change. If choose xin yuan food machine equipment, these scattered fittings are provided free of charge for life. 4. V-shaped roller side bracket by accidental impact shift, needs to be set-up. If choose the fixed bracket of the conveyor, is not possible, but the fixed bracket cannot undertake local correction of conveyor belt. 5. Outside frame by serious impact deformation. Once the problem is not easy to happen, happen, you need to reset is the whole conveyor belt. 6. Guangzhou conveyor belt serious wear need to be replaced. In the process of the use of the conveyor belt, common problems are: the foreign body scratches, local foreign object damage, wear, punch, etc. Guangzhou conveyor belt usually local damage caused by the foreign body, in accordance with the traditional method to remove after all, repair and replace heating vulcanization or scrap. The rubber polymer repair materials can be used for, it has strong adhesion, excellent wear resistance and excellent tensile properties. Using rubber polymer repair materials, free disassembly, avoid hot vulcanized rubber conveyor belt scratch at the site, repair, low cost, short time, avoid scrap replacement and long downtime caused great losses, but after repair of conveyor belt, can fully meet the new life. Repair coating thickness control, forming fast, putting-in-service proactively time is short. After curing coating has very high cohesive strength, tensile strength, peel strength and hardness, good toughness and extending rate. Can greatly simplify the construction technology for repairing, self-leveling sex good, bright appearance. Zhuhai learned can quickly repair the damage to the rubber conveyor belt conveyor belt, rubber products, can also be used in the products surface coating a layer of protective layer, prolong service life.
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