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How to reduce the resistance of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-22

Belt conveyors are well known and are mainly responsible for the transportation of various food, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and other industries. can proceed

90-degree turn and 180-degree turn conveying, and it can also be combined with other conveying equipment to form a complex cross

Conveying line for material conveying system. Due to the action of the frictional force of the belt conveyor, there must be a

There are some resistances, especially when the lubrication of the machinery is not enough due to the relationship of the conveying time, it is necessary to carry out the supply of various mechanical parts.

The motor is lubricated by oiling, such as the oiling of bearings and accessories. Use vulcanized joints for belt joints (both hot and cold)

, the price is higher but the service life is long (suitable for fixed belt conveyor).

In the belt conveyor, the rotating resistance of the rollers of the conveyor accessories and the forward resistance of the conveyor are the main factors of the whole

50% of the main resistance of the conveying equipment, the fuselage of the whole machine is 80 meters long. Calculation of the total resistance of the belt conveyor

In the formula, the total resistance is affected by factors such as the charging factor selected according to the length of the conveying equipment, and the conditions of the device and working conditions.

The friction coefficient of the closed die handle, the length of the loading conveyor, the rotating local mass of the bearing branch idler per unit length, the return branch idler

Rotating local mass of bit length, unit mass of loading conveyor belt, unit mass of conveyed material (with the conveying capacity of belt conveyor,

Material loose density is related to belt speed) The main resistance of its accessories bearing forward inclination friction special is affected by cleaner and friction belt special

The effect of parameters such as resistance.

The main conveying material carrier of the conveying equipment is the conveyor belt.

The belt conveyor is easy to cause mechanical deviation, and it will also bring different resistance to the belt conveyor. In order to minimize the belt conveyor

The running resistance of the belt must be adjusted in time to reduce the deviation of the belt, and the cleaning and conveying process must be carried out in time.

The garbage generated in it. Make the belt conveyor tension jump to the best state.

If you finish

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