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How to reduce the probability of electric roller conveyor burning?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-20

The author of YiFan electric roller conveyor manufacturer today talks about how to reduce the burning of electric roller conveyor

Probability of destruction?

1. Regularly maintain and maintain the electric roller conveyor. The relevant parameters should meet the

Regulations about regulations.

2. During the production process, cleaning should be carried out in a timely manner according to the nature of the conveyed materials.

To keep all parts of the conveyor neat and tidy.

3. The electric roller conveyor should replace the lubricating oil once a year.

If there is leakage, check the sealing part and replace the worn oil seal.

4. The electric roller conveyor is

Generally, it should be overhauled every year.

The maintenance content is as follows: Drain the lubricating oil in the roller conveyor through the oil drain hole on the left end cover of the roller conveyor, then disassemble the roller conveyor, and disassemble the inside of the roller conveyor.

Clean all parts and their inner walls. Re-inject a sufficient amount of calcium-sodium-based lubricating grease into each bearing to replace the motor and roller conveyor

The sealing rings and oil seals on the body, the replacement sealing rings and oil seals of the electric roller conveyor must be intact, smooth and free from damage.

There are small protrusions and depressions, and no wrinkles. The material must be oil-resistant rubber to check the wear of each bearing, backstop and gear

If it is damaged, replace it if it cannot be used. Inject new HU-30 turbine oil into the roller conveyor to make the liquid level reach the roller loading conveyor.

1/3 of the diameter of the machine, check that the rotor of the motor of the rotary roller conveyor should be flexible, and there should be no click sound. The inside of the motor should be clean and free of debris.

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