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How to prevent water leakage in tubular screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-23
The tubular screw loading conveyor has a tubular layout. How to prevent water leakage at both ends. If the two shaft heads are not leaking, use the same as the multi-stage water pump to install the sealing device on the inner and outer bearings of the shaft head. It can be used (rubber O-ring, rubber oil seal, asbestos thread and other products) are compressed for axial sealing. If you have special requirements, you can choose porcelain steel seals, graphite seals, etc. There are two essentials for water pump not leaking: 1. Ordinary centrifugal pumps and mine pumps (multi-stage pumps), the principle of sealing between the shaft and the pump body: wrap the shaft with asbestos thread processing grease (butter) at the shaft head, and use your hand Push the seal cavity to 80% full, and then tighten the outer compression flange with bolts to make the shaft and the pump casing together and achieve the result of both sealing and lubrication. 2. Self-priming pump, the principle of self-priming pump shaft and pump body sealing: install a porcelain steel sealing ring at the common place of the pump shaft and the pump body, and sleeve the porcelain steel sealing ring piece on the shaft with a spring and rubber compression seal The ring is installed at the shaft hole of the pump body. After the screw conveyor is installed, the two ceramic pieces are precisely bonded together under the action of the spring to ensure that the seal between the shaft and the seal ring is leak-proof, and the rubber tight seal ring completes the pump body. Seal with the sealing ring.

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