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How to prevent the screw conveyor from rusting

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-28
Industrial production, conveying materials is one of the links, and the realization of this link requires the realization of the transportation function of the screw conveying equipment. The use of machinery will inevitably cause rust, but in order to prevent the use of rusting caused by rust, the use of Take correct anti-rust measures to prevent the machine from rusting. The editor of the mechanical screw loading conveyor manufacturer will introduce how to prevent the screw conveyor from rusting. 1. When various materials enter the site, both parties must check the appearance of the material. Anti-rust treatment can be carried out after confirmation, and then anti-rust paint is applied. There is no mandatory requirement for the rust removal method of screw conveyor equipment, but the steel must be guaranteed to show no rust before applying anti-rust paint. 2. The anti-rust paint adopts epoxy iron red anti-rust primer. The appearance of the paint should be uniform and the color should be consistent. 3. All covering parts of the screw conveying equipment must be flat, and the welds at the joints must be neat and beautiful. 4. If the steel surface is uneven, it should be polished and painted. During the use of screw conveyor equipment, its working principle will gradually be reflected, and its operation is stable. Understanding its working principle will help to use the equipment correctly in the future and accelerate the mixing of materials.
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