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How to prevent material blockage during the conveying process of the screw conveyor?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-14
2019-04-18 16:34:29 The screw loading conveyor can convey particles, powder and small pieces of materials, etc. During the conveying process, because the screw loading conveyor has a small space for conveying materials, when the screw shaft rotates and conveys the animal material forward It is easy to be entangled with the material, and the intermediate suspension bearing is easy to block the material. If the blockage occurs, it will affect the normal use of the machine, increase the power consumption, and may even burn the motor, the screw shaft is broken, and affect the normal production. .  How to prevent material blockage during the conveying process of the screw conveyor?   1. During the conveying process, the operator must strictly implement the operating procedures, to start without load, and to ensure continuous and even feeding during the conveying process. It must be stopped when there is no load, and it cannot be conveyed with no load. It can also be used with a vibrating feeder to achieve uniform feeding. Reduce the chance of screw conveyor blockage.  2 The parameters of the screw conveyor should be carefully selected during use, and the conveying angle, conveyor speed, motor power, etc. should be selected with a reasonable design based on the conveying distance of the application site and the characteristics of the conveying material.  3 The material entering the conveyor must be cleaned up before the material is conveyed to prevent large impurities or fibrous impurities from entering the machine and causing blockage. Reduce the horizontal dimension of the intermediate suspension bearing as much as possible to reduce the possibility of material blocking when the material passes through the intermediate bearing. In addition, you can also install a silo level sensor and a jam sensor to realize automatic control and alarm.  4 The discharge port of the screw conveyor can be enlarged or the end of the trough can be lengthened, and a small section of counter-rotating blades can be installed at the end of the trough of the discharge port to prevent the end from being blocked. At the same time, an anti-blocking valve can be opened on the discharge end cover plate. If a blockage occurs, open the anti-blocking door to clear the blocked material.
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