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How to maintain the gears of the conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-04
The conveyor is suitable for low speed, heavy load and high temperature conditions. Compared with gears, it can be used where the centers of the two shafts are far away. Gears are driven by meshing with each other, and the model unit is mostly metric, expressed by modulus. The power and speed range of the transmission is relatively large. The compact structure can achieve a larger transmission ratio, high efficiency and long service life. The thickness of the chain conveyor is standard. If you do not have special equipment, it is very wordy to process by yourself. You can buy ready-made ones in the electromechanical market. As long as you propose the model and the number of teeth, there is a suitable one. The shaft hole of the ready-made sprocket is not processed to the size Yes, there is only a small pre-hole, which is convenient for users to cooperate. It is enough to machine the shaft hole and key slot according to the needs of the shaft. The chain conveyor is one of the important parts in the conveying industry, so the maintenance of the chain conveyor is particularly important. Next, I will introduce the maintenance of the chain loading conveyor. After three months of first use, drain the oil in the reduction box of the chain conveyor head, then clean the interior of the reducer with diesel and gasoline, and add new lubricant to the middle of the observation window after draining. The chain is unbalanced during the conveying process, the noise is increased, and the crawling failure occurs. The sealing plate at the tail of the machine can be opened, and butter or thicker lubricating oil can be added to the chain. It is forbidden to enter the motor with water, and to add diesel oil and liquid organic compounds to the motor, because this will damage the motor insulation and other failures. Professional conveyor manufacturer and seller, all types of conveyors are available for sale, good quality and low price, welcome your inquiries
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