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How to maintain the accessories of the conveyor bottle washer

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-08

Professional production and sales conveyor manufacturer YiFan author will discuss with you how to maintain the accessories of loading conveyor bottle washing machine. Nowadays, with the continuous development of various industrial enterprises, conveying equipment has been gradually applied to assist in improving production, and the conveyor bottle washer accessories, one of the conveying equipment, are also more widely used in various industries.

Filling production industry field. In order to make better use of the performance of the accessories of the conveyor bottle washer, it is necessary for various production industries to

In the course of daily production operations, regular maintenance is carried out on the accessories of the conveyor bottle washer.

When the production job ends

At this time, the operator needs to check whether the position of the nozzle and the filter barrel of the conveyor bottle washer accessories is offset.

Offset, it is necessary to correct the position of the spray rack and the bottle box in time, so as to better ensure the matching of the conveyor bottle washer and the bottle washer.

The ability to use the file. When preparing to clean the bottle, in order to improve the cleaning ability of the bottle, it is necessary to clean the bottle before cleaning.

Submerge the bottle and increase the soaking time according to the actual situation. This not only reduces the amount of

The concentration of cleaning agent significantly improves the conveyor cleaning ability of the bottle washer accessories, and also saves energy consumption more effectively.

Reduces the work intensity of operators, thus saving production costs for production enterprises with higher efficiency. Ningbo

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