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How to maintain and use screw conveyor under high temperature

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-18
The hot temperature can easily cause trauma to the screw conveyor, so we must maintain it carefully and put it in the sun.   (1) Generally, screw conveyors are operated outdoors, and they are often exposed to wind and sun. First of all, the surface paint is easy to change color under high temperature. Of course, we have done a lot of work based on this point. All our equipment is painted on both sides to enhance protection. In the face of thunderstorms, we should make rainproof tents for the screw conveyors. We should avoid the long-term high-speed operation of the screw loading conveyor, arrange the working time reasonably, and reduce the wear of the machine under high intensity.  (2) This point involves the safety of screw conveyors. Under high temperature conditions, the aging speed of the line is accelerated, and safety hazards will follow. We must always check the lines to avoid accidents.
Do you know the main points of buying a screw conveyor?
Screw conveyors are commonly used conveying equipment in building materials, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal, machinery, light industry, grain and other industries. Generally, they can be divided into two specifications: tubular screw conveyor and U-shaped screw loading conveyor. From the material, it can be divided into two types: stainless steel screw conveyor and carbon steel screw conveyor. So today, let’s talk about the main points that need to be considered before buying a screw conveyor?  Several main points for buying screw conveyors:  1. One main point: When ordering screw conveyors, you must first consider the model, because many non-standard screw loading conveyor raw materials are not available for purchase.  2. Two main points Before ordering a screw conveyor, be sure to equip the screw conveyor according to the screening output of the vibrating screening equipment to avoid excessive or small conveying output.  3. Three main points When ordering a screw conveyor, do not only consider the price, but also consider the performance and service life of the equipment.

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