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How to improve the work efficiency of the mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-05
Mobile conveyors are widely used in our daily lives. They play a key role in industry and agriculture. They are already indispensable equipment in some occasions. So we can’t ignore the daily maintenance of mobile conveyors. Then How can we improve the working efficiency of the mobile loading conveyor? Today, the machinery will give you a brief introduction: When the conveyor belt moves and the conveying length is large, the conveying speed will increase at any time. However, high-speed mobile conveyors need to pay attention to issues such as chatter, noise, starting and braking. For mobile conveyors that use steel ropes as a pull, the conveying speed should not be too high to prevent increased power. Conveyors that perform meticulous work at the same time, mobile conveyors, conveying speed, mobile bucket conveyors are used in environments with large conveying inclination angles, mobile bucket conveyors, with a small bucket on the conveying frame, and the conveying angle is relatively large. When large, the material will not fall back. Conveying capacity: The conveying capacity of conveyor equipment refers to the amount of material conveyed per unit time. When conveying bulk materials, it is calculated by the mass or volume of the materials conveyed per hour; when conveying into pieces, it is calculated by the number of pieces conveyed per hour. Conveying speed: Increasing the conveying speed can increase the conveying capacity. When the conveyor belt is used as the traction member and the conveying length is large, the conveying speed is increasing day by day. However, high-speed belt conveyors need to pay attention to problems such as vibration, noise, starting and braking. For conveyors with chains as traction parts, the conveying speed should not be too high to prevent the increase of power load. Conveyors that are performing process operations at the same time, the conveying speed should be determined according to the requirements of the production process. Transmission part: It is composed of a pair of transmission tower sheaves, a pair of reduction spur gears and a transmission roller. The transmission tower sheaves have two gears: fast and slow. The slow speed is used for package transportation and the fast speed is used for bulk transportation. Roller and idler: The roller includes a main drive roller and a tail roller, made of steel pipe. The main drive roller is installed in the middle of the sub-rack, driven by a motor, and the tail wheel roller is installed at the end of the rack. The rotation of the main drive roller drives the conveyor belt to move, and the conveyor belt bypasses the tail wheel roller to the frame, can carry grain on the upper roller, and unload the conveyed grain from the head roller.
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