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How to improve the life of electric conveyor - change oil and oil filter

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-13

Today, YiFan will explain to you how to improve the life of the electric conveyor by changing the oil and oil filter.

The key to the maintenance of the lubrication system of the electric loading conveyor is to replace the oil and oil filter on time, and install it on the cycloid Adding lubricating oil to the electric conveyor can reduce the running friction, which can not only reduce the resistance when the machine is running, improve the running efficiency, but also reduce the running noise and so on.

The replacement of the lubricating oil of the cycloid externally mounted electric conveyor, after the first use and passing the test run, timely replace the lubricating oil and clean it up

The interior of the electric conveyor. The lubricating oil should be replaced in time after the first official operation of the electric conveyor for 300 to 400 hours.

There are many parts that rub against each other inside the engine of the cycloid external electric loading conveyor, such as the crankshaft Main journal and main bearing,

Cam journals and cam bearings, pistons, piston rings and cylinder walls, etc., these parts move fast and work in harsh environments

, there needs to be proper lubrication between them to reduce wear and prolong the life of the engine. This article improves the method of improving the life of electric conveyor by replacing the oil and oil filter provided by YiFan. prosper

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