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How to improve the electronics factory production efficiency

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-20
Influence the efficiency of the electronics factory production lines are various, such as the design development & other Congenital deficiency caused by the acquired disorders & throughout; , procurement owe material to production line HuanXing or stock outs, seize the main contradiction of targeted solution, large capacity efficiency ascension is not a difficult thing. When we work, whether we should consider the following questions: 1. Do an action if necessary? Is there a better way? 2. Why do you want to do here? Have a more suitable place? 3. Why do at this time, have a more suitable time? Keep good posture, the body with the more reasonable combination of workbench, is advantageous to the homework. In the process of production as far as possible to use both hands work in the production. Within the scope of operation, as far as possible in a short distance of moving, in order to improve the utilization of time. 4. The work area, must be kept clean, conform to the requirements of the 5 s standard. Hand and arm movement way should be in normal work area ( The scope of normal sitting position hand can touch) 。 Must pay attention to the work is in the eyes, should guarantee the normal field of vision, can see the status of the operating point. Tools and materials should be placed in a fixed position, convenient to a take. Tools and equipment should be placed in can take place. Design and use simple tools and fixtures, make the production more smoothly, more reasonable, convenient operation. For the convenience of take take, in advance to have a good design. Whether consideration arrangement in accordance with the principle of gravity design some tooling materials will be sent to use location. Preset and classification mark material and parts needed for the next working procedure. Work should be focused so that both can improve artificial hesitation or temporarily suspended. At the same time also can avoid safety accident. Such as soldering iron burns, blade scratch, items above, etc. To analyze our actions at work, the action is necessary, the action can be merged, so can not only reduce steps, and can shorten the time. If one has itself will be improved in various aspects, the development of the company will also be more robust and fast employees through effective method can save a minute a day, the workshop 100 employees can save 100 minutes a day, and so on, the company more than a year and how many batteries? If there's a little bit of progress every day, every day a little more thinking, not only itself will be improved in various aspects, the development of the company will also be more robust and fast!
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