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How to debug belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-15
Steps to debug the belt conveyor:    (1) After the equipment is installed, carefully debug the belt conveyor to meet the drawing requirements.   (2) Each reducer and moving parts are filled with corresponding lubricating oil.   (3) After the installation of the belt conveyor meets the requirements, each single piece of equipment is tested manually, and the belt conveyor is combined and debugged to meet the requirements of the movement.   (4) Debug the electrical part of the belt conveyor. Including the debugging of conventional electrical wiring and actions, so that the equipment has good performance and achieves the designed function and state. Are you looking for a product? DY type movable belt conveyor, TD series belt loading conveyor, large inclination belt conveyor, LS/GX type screw loading conveyor, SCG high temperature resistant vibration conveyor, LS159 type screw loading conveyor, other products: hoist, feeder, vibrating screening machine
How to solve the cause of electricity on the surface of the vibrating motor
The presence of electricity on the surface of the vibrating motor may be that the motor windings are damp or the insulation is seriously aging, the power cord and the grounding wire are mistaken, the wiring board is seriously dirty, the insulation of the lead wire is aging and damaged, and the top cover of the winding end is grounded. In view of the above phenomenon, the damp motor should be dried, and the aging insulation must be updated in time. Take corresponding measures to correct the grounding wire error. If the wiring board is seriously dirty, clean the wiring board. Remove the end cover to find the grounding point. The grounding point of the coil must be wrapped and insulated and painted with vibration coal feeder paint. The inner wall of the end cover must be used. Insulating paper is lined with inertial vibration to feed the hopper pad.

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