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How to deal with outside mounted electric roller belt slippage problem

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-21
Now, with the continuous application of an electric roller, many customers are reflected in the use of external electric roller in the process, often present belt roller slippage problem. At that time, a lot of friends have trouble, don't know how to dispose of the problem, to delay the production efficiency. So how to deal with the outside mounted electric roller belt slippage problem? Zibo built next kay machinery technology co. , LTD. With everyone to see. 1, mounted outside the prophase choose electric roller type, the following condition has great influence on can belt running deviation, first, the user must provide a range of conveyor belt to pull the weight of the cargo, when pull cargo weight is greater than the drum can load range, easy to form the belt creep condition, secondly when mounted electric roller to work long hours in the outside environment, with oil or water is easy to cause the belt skid, after, to pay more attention to the thickness of the belt to match with the diameter of the belt roller, ordinary belt roller diameter is smaller, the thickness of the belt is larger, the more easy running deviation. 2, a type of electric roller outside coronary cylinder or cylinder for 'drum' appearance, can effectively avoid the belt running deviation, at the same time it looks after special processing and disposal, with two-way threads, increasing the appearance friction, avoid the belt running deviation, users only need to do the right roller type selection and the late device can greatly reduce render skid that. 3, whether the correct device mounted electric roller is also has important effects on the of the slippage of the belt running deviation, the first thing to adjust its tight levels with conveyor belt, with enough transfer traction, the belt does not skid shall prevail when load is running, then the width of the conveyor belt must cover shell width more than two-thirds, a sufficiently large contact area, to ensure that it and the driven roller is in the position of the parallel. Outside mounted electric roller have reliable operation, maintenance is convenient wait for a special performance, before use, first carries on the adjustment, here we detailed understanding of its five kinds of nursing methods: 1, outside mounted electric roller rotate with the hand, check the running is enough to have card lag phenomenon. 2, after oil hole on cylinder end cover, to infuse gear oil cylinder and oil quantity to adjust the motor for three roller radius, and the space between the outside mounted electric roller position, adjust gasket or gasket adjustment base Angle when available. 4, after adjustment, combination on hydraulic coincidence, tighten motor and roller. 5, unscrewed the motor terminal box cover, make motor fuses and circuit correct connection of electrical control cabinet. Wiring should be strong security, fuselage shell should be good grounding. Above is to provide external dean machinery electric roller detailed instructions. These are the five kinds of external type electric roller regulate measures introduced. Before using equipment, should be adjusted, it can help you faster in normal operation.
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