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How to deal with belt conveyor problems

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-06
After many years, the grain processing machinery industry has established a sound foundation. Now the general availability of grain machinery has made it convenient for many farmers. They are also faced with mechanical failures and problems in grain machinery, and they are lacking in handling problems. Today, the machinery will deal with the deviation and slippage of the belt conveyor, so that we can learn from our customers in dealing with problems in the future. There are many reasons for the deviation, which need to be dealt with according to different reasons: First: Adjust the load bearing roller set. Second: Install the self-aligning roller set. Third: Adjust the tension. The adjustment of the belt tension is belt conveying. A very important part of the adjustment of machine deviation. Fourth: Adjusting the position of the driving roller and the redirecting roller The adjustment of the driving roller and the redirecting roller is an important part of belt deviation adjustment. Fifth: Adjusting the deviation of the two-way running belt conveyor. The treatment of belt slippage: First: the slippage of the spiral tension or hydraulic tension belt conveyor. The tension can be adjusted when the spiral tension or hydraulic tension belt loading conveyor is slipping. Tighten the stroke to increase the tension. However, sometimes the tensioning stroke is not enough and the belt is permanently deformed. At this time, the belt can be cut off and vulcanized again. Second: The use of nylon belt or EP requires a longer tensioning stroke. When the stroke is not enough, you can also re-vulcanize or increase the tensioning stroke to solve the problem. Third: the belt slippage of the belt loading conveyor with heavy hammer tensioning. The belt conveyor with heavy hammer tensioning device can be solved by adding a counterweight when the belt is slipping, and add it until the belt does not slip. But should not add too much, so as not to make the belt bear unnecessary excessive tension and reduce the life of the belt.
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