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How to correctly assemble the carbon steel roller conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-15
Carbon steel roller loading conveyor is suitable for conveying all kinds of packaging, pallets, boxes and other goods. It can not only transport various materials with one machine, but also can be combined with other conveying equipment to form a complex material conveying process system. The carbon steel roller loading conveyor is mainly composed of driving roller, bracket, frame and driving parts. It has the characteristics of light operation, fast speed and large conveying capacity, and can realize multi-species collinear shunt conveying. Carbon steel roller conveyor can be divided into power roller line and unpowered roller line according to its driving mode, and can be divided into horizontal conveyor roller line, inclined loading conveyor roller line and steering roller line according to its layout.   The installation of the carbon steel roller conveyor is directly related to the conveying speed and efficiency of the carbon steel roller conveyor. Therefore, the installation process is also very important. All parts of the carbon steel roller conveyor are transported to the installation position and placed in order, and then the head, tail, transmission part, head and tail pushing part are assembled. According to the length of the working surface, the nose and tail pushing parts are arranged, the nose, the tail driving parts and the pushing parts are connected together, and the nose, the tail driving parts and the variable limit slot are assembled together. Then, the rollers are installed in order.   After installing the carbon steel roller conveyor, trial operation is required to prevent accidents. After the carbon steel roller conveyor equipment is assembled, the connection of its supporting parts and the actual operating capacity should also be checked. Firstly, determine whether the oil filling amount of the carbon steel roller conveyor reducer and the sprocket assembly roller is reasonable, whether the overlap between the chutes is smooth, and whether the chain tensioner is assembled correctly. You should also carefully check whether the sliding groove joints, cable connection bolts are missing, and whether there are still problems with the connection and assembly of the scraper chain, power supply, operating wire, inner and outer splints, etc. After the inspection, an idling test for tens of minutes should be carried out before the equipment is allowed to operate, and the transmission device and equipment should be checked for normal operation.
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