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How to clean the metal plate chain conveyor line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-18
Should the stained metal chain plate conveyor be cleaned regularly?

The characteristics of the metal chain plate conveyor determine its wide use, so in the actual production application, the maintenance of the chain plate loading conveyor is also very important. The metal chain plate loading conveyor should not be in the rain for a long time or wet, and remember to keep away from acid and alkali, oil, water and other pollutants.

Because the use of metal chain conveyors is different in each industry, if it is discharged by sewage, it is inevitable that some stains will appear on the surface of the chain conveyor line after several times of use. If these clean oils are used for a long time Without cleaning, cleaning will cause corrosion to the metal chain conveyor, which will affect the service life of the chain conveyor line for a long time.

The metal chain plate conveyor can be used to transport the broken materials, and one piece can transport the broken materials. The metal chain plate loading conveyor can also transport the finished items. In the process of conveying The operation of the metal chain plate conveyor can also be matched with other program requirements in the production process of the industrial enterprise, so that the production process is organized in an orderly manner, and the production process can also be standardized. Therefore, metal chain plate conveyors are now widely used in the production process of various enterprises, and they are also an indispensable and important accessory for many automatic devices and assembly lines in factories.

Metal Chain So how should it be cleaned quickly?

Removal of surface dust and silt by rainwashing and manual scrubbing of metal chain conveyors has been found to have good surface condition compared to slats placed in sheltered areas and in areas not washed effect. And the condition of surface processing also has an effect, the smooth surface of the slats is better than the rough surface of the slats. During cleaning, the effect of rain wash was determined by placing the same slats directly in the atmosphere and in a sheltered area.

The metal chain conveyor will also affect the customer's perception of the product, and it can affect the running speed of the equipment. If the surface is not cleaned in time, it is easy to get some dirt. The effect of manual rinsing was determined by scrubbing the right side of each slat every six months with a sponge dipped in soapy water. The gap of the stainless steel chain plate changes, mainly because the gap becomes smaller or larger. The main reasons are: the stainless steel chain plate will generate huge heat during operation. When the friction temperature exceeds 400 °C, the stainless steel chain plate will expand and cause the gap to become smaller. .

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