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How to choose the suitable belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-04
Today, the application range of the belt conveyor is more and more widely. In the process of material transportation, belt conveyor plays a big role, therefore, it is important how to correct selection of belt conveyor. To everybody below summarizes some points of belt conveyor in the choose and buy! A, selection of conveyor before purchasing the parameters of the need to determine: 1, what is the product model; 2, 3, mesh belt conveyor manufacturers of products quotation width; 4, 5, and the size of the noise, conveying capacity; 6, the service life; 7, wear-resisting degree; 8, the material quality; Second, turning conveyor quality identification: 1, check the appearance, look at the paint and parts are in good condition. 2, according to instructions, all parts are in normal operation, etc. 3, depends on the type of the belt conveyor accessories such as: certificate of approval, that said, three packs of CARDS is complete. Third, after-sales service: 1, timely whether, general manufacturer commitment for 48 hours, but the international and domestic few can do it. 2, after cost at the same time also to pay attention to the choose and buy belt conveyor working environment: 1, working conditions, status and conditions need to be considered working time every day, working frequency, the service life of belt conveyor, feeding and discharging method. Work environment and condition: the environment temperature, outdoor or indoor, environmental requirements, mobile or fixed, telescopic requirements. 2 conveyor belt, transmission lines and problems need to consider the size of the transmission line in detail, including: dip Angle, maximum length, hoisting height; The size of the straight line and curve segment; Connection size, etc. Conveyor belt: the biggest sag requirements, to simulate the friction resistance coefficient and friction coefficient, the safety coefficient. 3, material properties and throughput needs to consider the specific nature of material, including: loose density, rest Angle, material particle size, the large degree of status, material moisture, wear resistance, adhesion and friction coefficient of the material. Throughput, uniform material flow can directly reach throughput, when the flow nonuniformity can consider to give material flow of the basic statistics.
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