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How to choose the right tubular screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-21

When you buy a tubular screw conveyor, you must have many questions. To choose a tubular screw conveyor, you need to master certain skills, but what skills do you have when choosing a tubular screw conveyor? The author will give you a few points below!

1. From the material properties, choose the type of screw loading conveyor

Different screw conveyors It is also because the blades of the screw conveyor are different. Therefore, the selection of the screw loading conveyor should be determined according to the nature of the material to be conveyed. For example, when conveying materials with good scattering properties such as wheat and rice, the full-faced blade should be used; For materials with high viscosity and easy bonding, in order to prevent clogging, belt blades should be used. (News recommendation: Detailed explanation of the use and parameters of LS screw conveyor)

2. Choose suitable models from different needs

Level or For short-distance transportation with a small inclination angle, you can choose a horizontal slow-speed tubular equipment; for vertical or large-inclination transportation with a small height, you must choose a vertical and fast equipment.

3. Selection from the conveying capacity

As a conveying machine, the conveying capacity determines the value of the machine , so when we choose the type selection of the tubular screw conveyor, we should pay attention to the conveying capacity of the tubular screw conveyor, which is some hardware choices for a tubular screw loading conveyor.

4. Selection from service life (material of screw conveyor)

The material of screw conveyor is roughly divided into three types: high manganese There are three types of steel, stainless steel and carbon steel. The high manganese steel is wear-resistant, stainless steel is not easy to rust, and carbon steel is the most common type. Maximum life of tubular screw conveyors.

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