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How to choose the diameter of belt conveyor roller

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-24

The belt conveyor uses the loading conveyor belt as the traction and bearing member, and conveys the material through the movement of the conveyor belt that carries the material. The belt conveyor can form a complex assembly line with other conveying equipment. In the design of the belt conveyor, the selection of the roller is very important, and the selection is mainly based on the diameter of the roller.

1. The maximum or average specific pressure between the conveyor belt and the roller surface.

2, lagging and deformation of lagging.

3. The allowable strength utilization ratio of the loading conveyor belt, the percentage of the ratio of the maximum tension of the conveyor belt to the allowable tension of the conveyor belt.

4. The frequency of bending of the conveyor belt is related to the guiding method, the number of bypassing rollers, the distance and the speed.

5. The installation location and usage conditions of the conveyor, such as: ground, mobile, fixed, etc.

6. The bending stress of the conveyor belt when it goes around the drum.

Belt conveyors have the ability to equip major domestic projects and begin to enter overseas markets. From the perspective of development, the scale of investment will continue to expand, which will also drive the increasing market demand for belt conveyors. Some developing countries are vigorously developing their own basic industries, such as India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries and regions for belt conveyors. The demand for conveyors is also gradually increasing. (News recommendation: The friction between the drive roller and the conveyor belt of the belt conveyor)

It is worth mentioning that the specialized division of labor and cooperation of the core components of the belt conveyor will It has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. After five years, the sales of core components may reach 12 billion yuan.

The turning belt conveyor adopts a reasonable curved line design, so that the conveying equipment can realize the natural direction change operation according to the designed curved line, and this kind of turning The belt loading conveyor has a simple structure and is easy to maintain.

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