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How to choose sealing ring for tubular screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-23
2014-12-22 09:54:56    Tubular screw loading conveyor adopts multi-machine drive and intermediate drive, its power balance, and the technology of changing the direction of the loading conveyor, so that the running length of a single conveyor is theoretically limited, and it is guaranteed The versatility and interchangeability of the conveying system equipment and the reliability of the unit drive are improved.  1. Selection of the sealing method  The flange type end cap of the tubular screw loading conveyor is easy to adjust, and the lip seal ring of the skeleton type rotating shaft is installed with the blind cap to realize the seal.  The seal ring model is determined according to the diameter of the assembled shaft as (F) B25-42-7-ACM, (F) B70-90-10-ACM.  The structural size of the bearing cap is determined by the outer diameter of the bearing used for positioning.  Second, gear lubrication    uses oil-immersion lubrication, because the low-speed circumferential speed is, the oil-immersion height is about one-sixth of the gear radius, which is 35mm.  3. Lubrication of rolling bearings    Because the circumferential speed of the bearing is high, it is advisable to open an oil groove and splash lubrication.   Fourth, the choice of lubricating oil     It is more convenient to use the same kind of lubricating oil for gears and bearings. Considering that the device is used for small equipment, L-AN15 lubricating oil is selected.
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