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How to choose screw conveyor manufacturers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-16
05-07 15:37:18 When choosing a screw conveyor, the choice of its manufacturer also plays a vital role. So how should the screw conveyor manufacturer choose? The following are the factors that need to be considered when selecting a screw conveyor manufacturer: 1. Production strength Production strength mainly includes many aspects such as factory area, research and development capabilities, and whether sufficient supply is available. Large screw conveyor manufacturers generally have relatively mature factories and technologies. The team can guarantee its quality in production and can also meet more needs of users. It has the strength to provide users with customized designs. In addition, the supply of screw conveyor equipment and related spare parts is sufficient, which can provide users with better protection. 2. Is the quality guaranteed? The quality affects the conveying effect and service life of the screw conveyor. A good screw conveyor can save the user's maintenance cost and reduce the user's downtime risk. Therefore, when purchasing a screw loading conveyor, remember not to measure it by price The quality of the equipment depends on whether its quality has passed the test, and it has obtained ISO or CE related qualifications. 3. How the conveying effect is. As a conveying equipment for powder, granule and small block materials, the screw loading conveyor needs to pay more attention to the conveying effect. If you are not sure of the conveying effect of the equipment, you can bring the material to the screw conveyor manufacturer for test machine. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers will support free test machines, so that you can more directly understand the efficiency and operation of the equipment. 4. Whether the price is reasonable. The price of screw conveyor is one of the core points that users pay attention to when purchasing equipment. As far as the region is concerned, the price of screw conveyor in Henan will be cheaper than some first-tier cities such as Shanghai and Beijing; as far as manufacturers are concerned, direct sales Since the type of manufacturer directly meets the needs of users, there is no middleman, so it will be about 500~1000 yuan cheaper than the agent. 5. How about after-sales service After-sales service is related to equipment usage feedback, such as repair, replacement of broken parts and maintenance methods, etc. High-quality after-sales service can reduce the user's equipment maintenance cost to a certain extent, and can supply equipment in time Accessories service, so when selecting a screw conveyor manufacturer, you also need to ask the manufacturer about its after-sales service to avoid the inconvenience caused by the later use. The main method of selection of screw conveyor manufacturers is as above, and I hope to help you select a suitable screw conveyor manufacturer to avoid unnecessary losses.
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